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Conversations we need to have.

7 videos below that spanning 37 minutes.  Context to understand what the Brick By Brick Apprenticeship Program, Powered by PAVERART is all about, why it exists, and what we hope to achieve.  

Learning skills & making money

The apprenticeship program is anchored by full-time work: Earning money from day one and getting exposed to every area of our specialized, niche manufacturing business. You'll see it all, and you'll integrate your daily work with all other apprenticeship foundations.

The decision point for highschool grads

The Brick By Brick Apprenticeship program, powered by PAVERART focuses on immediate employment + secondary education combined, WITHOUT incurring debt the puts you in a financial hole. Here's some of the considerations the 18 year old goes through and how Brick By Brick and compare to alternatives like a conventional college education, which has historically meant DEBT.

Are highschool grads able to make a quarter million $ decision?

Most kids at 17 are not equipped to make a quarter million dollar decision, which is exactly what they are asked to do when college is on the table. The decision needs to be analyzed like any 6 figure decision, with a real examination of the alternatives, best use of time, capital and experience. Often, the surrounding support system is not adequate. Apprenticeship programs look to lower risk, increase skills and expand options beyond debt fueled conventional options.

How mentorship impacts someone's life

Learning what it takes to be successful often takes decades. Yes, you can learn in school. But real lessons come from on the job experience, combined with the wisdom of mentors. That's what the Brick By Brick Apprenticeship Program, powered by PAVERART focuses on.

We need to start talking about money!

We have dug ourselves a $1.7 TRILLION hole in the area of student loans. How did we get here? Part of the problem is that high school kids contemplating college are not examining what DEBT means long term, and now we have 2/3's of all kids graduating college with significant levels of debt, often taking well over 10 years to pay it off, delaying investment and lifestyle opportunities. The start of understanding the full picture? Having the uncomfortable conversations.

Financial planning after highschool

We need to get much more analytical about understanding the financial impact of post high school decisions, whether that be college planning, trade schools, work, etc. There are easy to use tools like that make the process easier, but analyzing the paths quantitatively is needed to make a much more informed decision.

The Grit, grind, and opportunity of Brick by Brick

The Brick By Brick Apprenticeship looks to develop a VERY strong work ethic on the job. That work ethic continues outside of work with a very low cost online education. You earn money, get mentored, educated and start saving immediately. Over four years this creates a massively compelling opportunity to compete with any conventional college graduate.

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