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The 4 pillars of Brick by Brick Apprenticeship.

Start Earning


Start earning money right away, in a company that matters:  PAVERART.  The World Leader In Custom Paver Design & Manufacturing.    

*  32 hours of work a week.  

*  On the job training with each critical facet of the operation, followed by customized certifications in key foundational areas of success.  

*  Disciplined goal setting, on-going feedback and results orientation.  

*  Learning to live PAVERART core values:  GRIT.  GRIND.  HUSTLE.  REPEAT.  

Build Your Plan

(Goal Setting)

If you don't know where your going, any road will get you there.  The Brick By Brick Apprenticeship program will start early with disciplines that takes many DECADES to develop: 

*  Goal Setting

*  Planning

*  Execution

Build Your Network


No great journey happens in isolation.  It takes a village, a group of people invested in your journey, success, and challenges.  In college, the professors have a concept called "office hours" where you can pop in for an hour or 2 a week.  That's nice, but Brick By Brick those mentors will be present.  Daily.  Often.  On more than just your job, on your entire plan.  

Start Learning


Immediately begin an on-line, focused secondary education program WITHOUT accumulating crippling debt.  

*  Multiple options, degreed and non-degreed

*  Immediate opportunities to integrate course study into the job

*  Building a personal, on-line portfolio throughout the experience.  A modern day, digital resume.  

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