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  • Mark Olivito

Building A Time Machine

I've often thought to myself:

"If I'd known THEN what I know NOW, the possibilities would be hard to comprehend!"

Hindsight is always 20/20

It's true. The world is always more clear AFTER the fact, when everything has already played out.

There's one magical, world-changing device..... and as best I can tell it doesn't exist: A Time Machine. Here's the famous time machine from Back To The Future, Circa 1985.

time machine, mentorship, hindsight
The Back To The Future Time Machine

Imagine if you could actually travel BACK in time and get a Do-over in life?

It's a fun exercise. Going back to 1980 so you can invest in Apple, or 2004 to invest in Google. That's a quick way to bet on a sure thing, but in those year's you had no idea it would be a sure thing.

So I've been thinking....

What's the closest thing to a Time Machine in the real world?

Simple. A Mentor. Somebody that KNOW's the right, proven path, because they've already lived it and learned from the real world.

And what do you get with Brick By Brick?

An automatic Mentor. It's built into the program. If your able to sign onto the program you are signing onto something where we are driven to succeed, because the stakes are HIGH.

Our country is simply on an unsustainable path with skyrocketing college costs, $1.7 Trillion of crippling student debt and no guarantee that path is even worth it to begin with. Brick By Brick can't solve this problem for the country, but we can can sure give it a run for one apprentice.

But why stop at ONE apprentice? Why not 2? Or 10?

Over the course of the next decade, with at least one apprentice a year, that's 10 people going through the program. And what do I expect the results to be?

10 for 10.

  • 10 people put through Brick By Brick Apprenticeship

  • 10 degrees and or skill based education programs

  • 10 kids with ZERO Debt.

  • 10 Kids, each with 6,400 hours of real world work experience and 4,000 hours of study.

  • 10 Kids with at least $25k+ in the Bank, invested and on a path to watch it compound to well over $1mm++

  • 10 online portfolios with demonstrated skills and impact.

  • 10 Kids being able to compete and likely OUT-compete any conventional college path in the land in either the job market or their own business.

But there's a hard reality, a "catch" if you will.....

The hard work of the Brick By Brick Program is tackled by the Apprentice. Like life, nothing is handed to you. You have to go get it.

To amass the results outlined, we can't just "wake up" at year 4 and hope the results are there. We need to start on day one, and day 30 see if we are on pace. Then day 60. Mentors work in partnership with the Apprentice to work a plan, course correct where necessary and continue to set and achieve goals. It's hard work, but after a while it becomes a flywheel of results. It's the polar opposite of the lost decade.

Said differently, we've established the closest thing to a TIME MACHINE: Learn, practice and execute proven, old school, time-tested success principles that normally take 25 years to truly understand. Set Goals. Work your tail off to achieve them. Have a Mentor by your side. Execute.

It's the PAVERART Core Values, adapted for the Brick By Brick Apprenticeship.





By June 24 we will have the PAVERART summer team in place. Our goal is for at least one of these players to be a candidate for the Brick By Brick Apprenticeship program. That's 60 days of exploration and getting to know each other, while earning some money in the process.

And come September, the Brick By Brick program will come to life.

For consideration, reach out to Mark Olivito at or mobile 908-873-7522.


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